Phonar P4 Next

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Polski opis wkrótce.

The relationship between the Veritas Next line and the Phonar Flaggship Credo Reference is hard to deny. The inclined front panel of 5 degrees causes an acoustic phase correction of the speaker and gives the box an asymmetry, which counteracts internal standing waves of the cabinet. Certainly unique in its class is the usage of the noble tweeter driver, manufactured by Scan Speak and the dynamic drivers from Peerless. All components of the crossover are tolerated high quality only. The usage of a high-quality internal wiring from WireWorldcontinues the systematic implementation of "quality, design and technique" into the concept of the Veritas NEXT line. The Veritas NEXT products are carefully handcrafted from skilled Phonar workers in Tarp - Made in Germany.

The p4 NEXT is not only visually very attractive, but the speakers are also acoustically well above their price class: it reproduces the music very precisely and allows instruments and vocals to sound very natural. Its dynamic capacity, coupled with its excellent tonal balance, makes the p4 NEXT a real musical heavyweight, also using quality components like a ScanSpeak chassis and WireWorld internal wiring.

Cena za sztuke, sprzedawane tylko w parach.


125 W / 170 W
4 Ω
20 kg/szt.

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Phonar P4 Next

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