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2 speed Turntable with Full Automatic operation
The TN-175 plays LP, EP records. The tone arm automatically moves to play the vinyl and returns to the original position as playback finished. A VM(MM)-type cartridge AT3600L by audio-technica is pre-installed to the static balanced straight tonearm at the factory, so you can start playing records as soon as you open the box.
High Quality MDF cabinet construction
Unlike others with plastic chassis, a single wooden board with MDF minimizes vibrations and resonance to playback of your vinyl record library with clearer sound.
Built in MM type Phono EQ amplifier
Enjoy vinyl playback with any amplifier regardless of the type of inputs. The TN-175 supports both Phono and Line output that allows you to play vinyl with or without a Phono pre-amp.
Authentic belt-drive turntable
The plastic platter is driven by a high torque DC motor, while precision stainless steel spindle maintain accurate rotation speed.
  • Full-automatic belt-drive drive turntable
  • Static-balance straight tonearm
  • High-Quality MDF construction for improved resonance reduction
  • Vibration absorbing rubber bumper feet
  • Detachable acrylic dust cover
  • Built-in MM-type phono preamplifier
  • High-quality MM cartridge AT3600L by audio-technica pre-installed
  • Phono and Line outputs
  • 2-speed (33/45 RPM)
  • Sleek design in black, white or cherry finish

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